Welcome to the web site covering South Lochaber Parish Church and Kinlochleven Parish Church

The Rev. Dr. Malcolm Kinnear serves as Minister for the two parishes assisted by his wife, 

the Rev. Marion Kinnear, an Auxiliary Minister.

We are congregations of the Church of Scotland, which is the national Church in Scotland, and a congregation within the new Highland Presbytery which stretches from Campbeltown to Thurso

South Lochaber Parish Church

 In April 2023, the three parishes of St. Munda's in Glencoe and Ballachulish, Duror and Nether Lochaber joined together in Union to become South Lochaber Parish Church linked to Kinlochleven Parish Church.

 The St. Munda's church is being sold, so services covering the Glencoe and Ballachulish area are held in the Ballachulish Shinty Pavilion on the 1st. and 3rd. Sundays of each month at 10.30 am.

 Services are held in Nether Lochaber Church on the 1st. and 3rd. Sundays of each month at 11.30 am.

Services are held in Duror Church on the 2nd. and 4th. Sundays of each month at 10.30 am.

In a month where there is a 5th. Sunday, a joint service will be held in one of the churches at 10.30 or 11.30.

Kinlochleven Parish Church

A service takes place  every Sunday in Kinlochleven Church and is screened on Facebook on Sundays at 10.00 am.

From 13.00 am onwards, the service is available on YouTube (See Next Sunday page for the link)

The Manse in Kentallen is now in use and the Kinlochleven Manse is up for sale.

Nether Lochaber Church

Duror Church

Ballachulish Shinty Pavilion

Kinlochleven Church

Nether Lochaber Church

Duror Church

St. Munda's former building

Kinlochleven Church

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